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Selected Data from Burntside Lakefinder

The State of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources “ LakeFinder” web site offers public data for more than 4,500 lakes and rivers throughout Minnesota. The data sets include lake surveys, depth maps, water quality data, water clarity data, notes, and fish consumption advisories.
Lake DataDescription of Lake Finder Data SetsData Link
Fisheries Lake Survey
Survey of fish species in Burntside
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Water Access Sites
Public locations for watercraft entry and exit
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Water Levels
Historic water levels, Chart of last decade
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Water Quality
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Data and Analysis
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Water Clarity
University of Minnesota visualization of lake clarity
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Lake Depth
Map produced by the State of Burntside depth contours
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Recreation Compass
Locations of recreational sites in the Burntside area
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United States Geological Survey maps of Burntside area
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