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Are there 175 over Islands on Burntside Lake?

Folks continually ask how many Islands there are on Burntside.  Various authorities and memories have said there are around 100, or even over 150. Now with tools like Google Map anyone can do their own counting from aerial photographs. BUT first you have to decide what an Island is.  Here are unofficial criteria for this enumeration:

  • Is the location surrounded sometimes by water, if so then
  • Is it officially or historically named as an island, or
  • Is it officially surveyed, or
  • Is it as large as officially surveyed or named islands. or
  • Is there substantial foliage growing on the location?

With Google’s My Maps tool,   Eric Webster and Phil Voxland in 2015 identified 175 “islands” that appear to meet the criteria.    The resulting map is freely available online from this URL:

A Count of Islands of Burntside Lake: