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December 9, 2017 is the official "Ice On" date for 2017.

Burntside Lake Association President,  Ward Nelson, announces December 9, 2017 as this year's official "Ice On" date as proclaimed by Jay Mackie.  Jay Mackie is the esteemed Burntside Lake authority who proclaims "Ice On" and "Ice Out" dates.  The condition of the lake is monitored by Jay (and his friends) and he officially proclaims the official date.  While others may argue, his judgment is considered final.  Jay was one of the Founders of The Burntside Property Owners' Association founded in 1976 which was renamed The Burntside Lake Association in 2014.

Vice President Reynold Mack gathered data from a number of sources including the wall of an unnamed boathouse and observations by various residents over a period of over 70 years.   Many dates are from Jay Mackie, on the West End of Burntside and other dates came from Dick Maki via his father's cabin log book, East Arm, Minister Bay.  Waino Maki, Dan Lindberg, Mark Cherne and Lonnie LaMontagne of Burntside Lodge also provided dates.  "Ice On" dates go back to 1987 while we have "Ice Out" data from 1940.

Interestingly, December 9th is the median "Ice On" date from our records.  You can access all the "Ice On" and "Ice Out" data on our web site  At the top of the "Home Page,"  under the tab "Lake Data" select from the drop down menu.


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